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An easy to use home Espresso machine created by Saeco and rebranded for Starbucks. This machine is excellent for every day espresso drinkers and has an excellent build and product life.

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How to replace broken steam valve? Water only comes out of steam wand

We recently moved and our Starbucks Barista (SIN006) got jostled and the plastic 'mushroom' knob for the steam valve broke off. I can use a pliers to turn the knob but even when fully clockwise, hot water (but not steam) shoots out of the steam wand. I took the top off and I do not see any obvious damage. The little contact switch seems in good shape (I figure that must control whether water goes to the brew head or the steam wand, no?)

1. Am I right to assume that the problem -is- the steam valve assembly?

2. I loosened the nut that seems to secure the steam valve assembly to the brew head, but the steam valve assembly does not want to slide off. How do I remove it? Do I just need to force it or is there some other thing holding it in place?

Thanks in advance!

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Try this link:

It provides 3 videos on replacing the steam wand, valve, and boiler assemblies; which should be helpful for removing the steam valve assembly and troubleshooting the problem.

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Thanks, will watch closely. We literally -never- use the Steam Wand. Is there some way to simply -force- the water flow to the brew head without replacing the steam valve assembly?


Referencing the ifixit tear down: Starbucks Barista Teardown

Looking at the second picture of step 8 of the teardown, it appears the steam wand is threaded into the boiler. If you were "never" going to use the wand, you could unscrew the steam wand/valve assembly and screw in a cap.


Thanks, Tim. I looked at the Teardown and I still have a question: Do I need to remove the boiler in order to remove the Steam Valve Knob Assembly? I undid the allen screw -and- loosened the brass nut which seems to lock the Steam Valve Knob Assembly to the boiler and the SVKA will not slide off. Should I try a rubber mallet? :D


If it was me, I would try other things before resorting to "percussive persuasion".

In the ifixit tear down, they removed the screws to the boiler assembly and then the screw to the knob, which suggests the entire boiler assembly needs to come out to slide the valve away from the knob.


I simply put a cap on the end to get around the whole valve assembly. From watching one of the videos, it seems like you have to remove the entire boiler assembly to get the steam valve out. Thanks.

Wife Question: What is the next step up in machines when we want to get a new machine? This one has lasted 10 years, but clearly it's not gonna last forever.


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