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Product released in 2006, Model #MID9742

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will not charge or turn on

I plugged into the charger and it will not turn on or charge. What to do?

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device not turning on can be a number of issues.

Battery over-discharged,

- Exciting the battery is the fix for this. as long as you have a variable A/V Powersupply, you can hood the battery up to that in its suggested charging rates, and charge the battery. if it boots up, then the battery was over discharged. if it charges manually, then there is no other failure.

Battery dead,

- will need to replace battery for that

Charge port failing,

- Touch up the soulde pins on the port. if that fixes charging issue, then no further failure.

Charge port physical damage

- Need to replace charge port.

Water damage

- Bathe the mother board in Isopropyl 99% Alcohal, and scrub it with a Soft bristle tooth brush. toothbrush bristles are non ebrasive, and non conductive.

- There is a device called a "Sonic Wash" that we use, that cleans under components, however, it is an expensive tool, and not worth getting for one device.

Motherboard Degradation,

- Possible to reflow motherboard. (Apply heat to board, and attempt to reflow the solder to a functional state. (Fixes cold circuits on board)

Motherboard Failure.

- Replacing the motherboard is the only way to repair this. This is expensive, and not usually worth the cost of the repair.

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