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An in-car GPS manufactured in 2012 by Garmin.

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Charging port no longer charges

I have replaced the battery on my 3590.

The new battery (tried two different ones) was fully charged before connecting it.

However, whether I plug it into:

1) The wall charger

2) Laptop USB

3) Cradle charger

The battery will not charge.

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Colin Marson , I take it worked on the new battery till it died and now refuses to charge. Did you check the port and blow any dust/debri out of port. Look in port and straighten any bent pins with tooth pick very carefully. Still no go, remove battery door and with a DVOM with charger plugged into device check plug at battery to see if charger is sending voltage to battery, if not probable loose/bad charge port,change the charge port. the link below is a tear down guide that can get you access to the charge port which is soldered to the mother board and is not a job for the newby because of the fine components and heat involved. 2nd link shows a charge port being resoldered.Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Garmin nüvi 3590 LMT Circuit Board Replacement

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The difficulty is that neither the USB port nor the cradle connection seem to be providing a charge ( the battery icon does not show that it is being charged)

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