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Released in March 2013, identified by model number S500CA-SI50305T

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Will I need a new windows 10 key?

I bought an asus s500ca without a hard drive I'm hoping to use a usb boot I downloaded from Microsoft and I was wondering if when I boot it up with this usb will I need to enter a new product key?

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What operating system originally came with this laptop? Both Windows 10 and 8 in later models had keys embedded in the motherboard. When you install, it will self activate with those keys.

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I'm here to second that. I work in PC repair and if it is a Windows 8 or above PC with an embedded key it should just activate.


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It should let you skip applying a serial code. It will notify you continuously though. There are some sites that give out codes (cant post here). Be wary on such sites as many are a bit sketchy

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