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My smart watch not chargin

MY smartwatch not charging,Bingo Smart watch U8

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Do not charge this or even try to stick in the paper in the back if it's not charging . The bfirst thing you should do is take the back off carefully and mindfully. I have one brand new in box same issue took the back off come to find out there's a swollen battery almost ready to explode these things can hit up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and when exposed to oxygen can explode or catch fire. And you can't just take the battery out of some of them because it is soldered in by the negative and positive wiresI hate to see anyone get hurt over a cheap $15 watch. I have been nothing but complaints online about these watches I'm surprised there hasn't been a lawsuit and Recall yet Be mindful of your electronics with Lithium-ion batteries and do not charge if you see any signs of swelling.


If I Charge My Smartwatch DZ09 it won't Charge but it turn on

How Do I Fix This?


Hello, have you fixed yours? I have a similar issue with my brand new wristband as well. When I’m plugging it into the charger or computer it turns on and saying its charging bur when I unplug it after a while its not turning on


I bought 1 A6 Smart Bracelet and will charge then a blue screen but could not turn it on so over trying to charge it is magnetic


Meant it won't charge


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Have you pushed the reset button on the back with a pin ? Try charging it from a computer rather that a charger it may take longer but sometimes helps . If you still have no joy this may help


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Be careful if it's taking a paperclip in to reset. I have one brand new in box having same issue took the back off and has a swollen battery and if you pierce these things and oxygen hits them they can possibly explode


I smart watch is not charging celebrando 07 smart warch


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