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Repair guide and support for the Samsung CLX-3175FN, a multifunctional color laser printer that also works as a fax machine and copier.

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Paper jam and loud noise when getting ready to print

The paper gets stuck under Toner , I have to pick it up and get the stuck paper out and as paper is trying to come out, it's making a loud sound

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The paper pinch rollers are likely dried out or dirty. Start by trying to clean them with 85% isopropyl alcohol. They need to be a bit tacky to pick the paper up if they are slick or don't dimple when you press your finger nail into the rubber you'll need to replace them.

You also may have a stripped tooth on the gear train. With no paper in the tray see if you can get the unit to cycle do you hear it grinding? If you do you'll need to inspect the motor and the gears.

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