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The Nikon COOLPIX B500 is a mid-tier superzoom point and shoot camera. It is sold in black, purple, and red.

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Is it possible to add a lens to my camera?

Please help!? I have a Nikon b500 & i was hoping to add a lens to my camera is it possible if so please let me know thank you

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Indeed the camera have a tread is 47.7mm you will see a ring with 3 square holes in the front of the lens, you need a special tool or somethin that can grab 2 or 3 of the holes and carefully remove it by turning the ring counterclockwise. Even so I think will be hard to find the right filter and also you'll need an small extension ring because if you put a filter will touch the lens and it cannot get to the tread and as you can imagine that tread is not to attach a filter.


Yes it is possible to add a lens to the Nikon b500. There is an adapter you can add. I also added a Raynox 150 macro. Now the macro videos are great. Here's an example of a macro insect video.


do you know what the adapter is called or where to get it?


thanks for can google "B500 lens adapter" and find one on ebay and amazon on the first page. :)


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No, this is not a removable lens camera.

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Very true!

But, you could add a secondary lens using an adapter tube like this: Adapter Tube & Wide Angle Conversion Lens


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Nikon B500+ 2,2x Raynox teleconverter and 3x Sevenoak viewfinder. Its make 88x optical zoom. I can take full zoom pics with out tripod.

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