Can I use a home button from another iPhone 6s to retain touch id?

I have a broken home button but I would like to keep touch id so I don't want a replacement home button. If I get a original home button off another iphone 6s will i be able to keep touch id?

Thank you for you're help!

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you can your but touch id function wont work why because your original touch id paired with cpu...

if you put another touch id finger print not work

so you not able to use touch id function

you can use for menu button function

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That's what I was wondering. Because I have two original home buttons from apple but one broke so I thought I could change them over. I guess they're locked to the logic tho .

Thanks for everyone's help


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Doesn't matter if it is original or not, if you replace the home button Touch ID will never work again UNLESS you take it to Apple and say it doesn't work. They will use their magic pairing thingermabobber and it will work again. So yes, it CAN work again, but not without a trip to Apple! :)

Here's the part:

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Home Button Assembly

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Plz Go Thorugh Below Link

Hope it Works



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