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Broke PRAM and Right fan connector


I accidentally broke the right fan and pram connector for my motherboard.

You know the motherboard has the small black boxes for the cables to go into? Well I removed those boxes while trying to remove the connectors.

Both connectors are fine. The boxes aren't damaged either. The only problem I have is that one copper connector on each box is missing.

What I mean is that if you take a look at the black boxes, you see a certain number of copper "slots" where the connectors connect to. But my black boxes are missing one each.

I am thinking about soldering the black boxes carefully onto the motherboard but what about the copper "slots"?

Can I please get something for this? Also, what are the proper names of the "black boxes" and the copper "slots"? I feel I am saying this very incorrectly.

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They are called DIL connectors (Direct Inline). You can hand solder them as they are are not BGA soldered like most components, just use solder wick to remove the existing solder.

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What should I do about the copper "slots" inside of the DIL connectors? I was thinking of removing one from the PRAM DIL connector and putting it in the fan DIL connector.

Then for the PRAM connection, I would directly solder the wires. How does that sound?

Also, what are those copper slots called?


Not sure to be honest. Soldering would work obviously but its just a question of how safe it is; you risk the wires touching each other, which would short the motherboard and damage it. Sorry I couldn't be more help


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