Tillers causing engine problems

I have a Woods 6200 with a 20 HP Kohler and a 60" deck. I have replaced the clutch which was bad. I was mowing and the engine died. When I disengaged the tillers, the engine started and ran fine, but when I tried to move the tillers into the mowing position it killed the engine. Also when I tried to engage the blades with the tillers in neutral, it killed the engine. I replaced the PTO switch earlier this year, so I doubt that is the problem. Any ideas would be helpful as I have gone through the wiring and don't see any bare wires. Thanks

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hello, iam having the same problem with my husqv 5424, did you find out what the problem was?


country_gurl279, you posted your question in an old link, best if you post your question with all the details you can supply to get an answer, this way all the ifixit volunteers can respond with good advice.


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