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An 8 inch Capacitive Dual Core Zeki Tablet with dual cameras. The model number for this device is TBQG884B .

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loading apps on sd card

After I reset tablet I was putting my apps back on SD card ,but I have 3 that will not load when I try to load them it says couldn't move app,.There is 4.2 GB of storage space on the card,but my tablet is running out of space.What can I do ,? HELP

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Problem solved thanks


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some apps will not go onto the sd card and some apps will only partially go on the sd card. this makes for some problems when you reset a phone. if the app wont go on the sd card then when you reset the phone you lose the app. if the app partially goes on the sd card when you reset the phone you lose a part of the app. there is really nothing you can do to solve this without rooting the device. about the only thing you can do is get a cleaner app like cleanmaster and constatnly clean your storage or figure out which apps you are not really losing and delete them. i hope that this helps and you are able to get all of your apps working again.

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