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Anywhere or way to get lots of one type of screw?

So I have a micrometer and a set of screws. As the iphone 6 I got had 4 missing I guessed this would be the only way so I literally measure top to bottom of the screw with this device yes? It also occurred to many screw types are there in an iPhone 6 and are all the 1.2 / 1.3 etc. the same or are some different in had size or thread width? And if they are the same where could I get a set of just one type and store it in different compartments so I can just grab then when needed already sorted? I'm assuming a generic screw is not going to work? Thanks.

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Yes I was hoping for pre sorted sets of 50 or so :s guess not then. Also the current problem I have is I got a iphone with 4 screws missing...I have two sets but which is which screw? I guess I use the micrometer plus just looking at another phone. Pity there is no more efficient way. Thanks


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You can get screw sets for certain phones. If you look on iFixit, Ebay or AliExpress you will find them

The iPhone 6 has many different types of screw

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Yes I have two 'sets' but that's not what I'm after I'm after 50 of each of the screws separated if you know what I mean. So I can put each type in separate dividers and label them for quick access.


With the specs of the screw you can buy bulk directly from China (5,000 ~ 10,000). But I'm sure you don't want that many of one screw ;-}

My parts guy did that a few years ago by mistake. We still have over 4,000 case screws we have no idea what to do with!


There are something like 13 different types of screws in an iPhone 6. Maybe more....I'm going off memory. Some of the screws are different color depending on the phone color. Some are different on the 6 and the 6+. I know that it sounds like a good plan to sort them all out...but I don't see the reward.

I have a plastic bin full of iPhone screws that I pull from when I lose them. I loot them off dead iPhones. I've also bought a couple hundred of each style of pentalobe screws since I like to fling those around my shop. Those all go in their own bin.

If you really want to do this...measure the head, length and pitch of each screw. Then you can order however many hundreds of each you would like. IMHO...its a huge waste of time and resources though.


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