Where can I find and buy spare parts for aorus x7?

Hi i have a quastion about spare parts as i have send my aorus x7 to mandit which is the company that covers any aorus under the 2 years warrant provided with machine

Having seed that my aorus had a few issues one which developed by an other flute from the bottom cover popped open even if the screw was still attached that was due to a poor design as the bottom cover had a plastic sheet that the screws go in to and not the bottom cover it self and i presume that the heat from the fan unglued the plastic sheet from the bottom and the corner popped out, now i had it in that state for a while as i need it the machine to work with, and on the move fitting it the carry bag have reaped my backpack and sized my fingers as the bottom cover is Mattel and very thin and sharp .

now my points are that mandit is refusing to fix it as i have been told that they think i have opened the machine and that this situation is not covered by them and replacing the part will cost me 100 uk Pounds!!!! now if i was replacing rams or a fan that could easily cost 100pounds but not for a sheet of metal i much rather find it my self and fit, and to ill be charged an extra 25 pounds just to fit it.

the only thing that am asking is where i can purchase aorus spare parts as i wont give mendit a rusty pound, due to the way i have been treated

ill appreciate any suggestion or help and thanks in advance .

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