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Repair information for blood pressure monitors (also known as sphygmomanometers).

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Need a device that will monitor blood pressure during the day

I having problems with adjusting my blood pressure medications.

Does anyone know of a wrist device that will monitor blood pressure during the day so that it will alert me to either check it with a sphygmomanometer or take my meds.

This would help prevent me from going off on rants while answering iFixit questions ;-) And a lot of you are aware I can do that!

UPDATE 9/21/18

I was in hopes that the new iWatch 4 might help monitor my atrial fibrillation (aFib). I was just about to order one but found this article stating that Apple has promised it for later:

Buying an Apple Watch 4 now for EKG and AFib features may leave you heartbroken

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Ohh, blood pressure problems are a very common problem. I use a smart watch to measure pressure. It all started after I started eating cannabis. After the first week of using cannabis, my blood pressure was super unstable. I was dizzy regularly and my brain worked very slowly. After pressure problems, I had hallucinations and then I decided to stop using cannabis. My health has improved. After that, I decided to go to the doctor and tell him everything. He started the treatment process and at the very initial stage he recommended me excellent pills to combat unstable blood pressure. I had never heard about this medicine before, but after reading the review on , I started using it and I was shocked by the result. Shortly after the course of treatment, I no longer experienced any health problems.


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Don't know of any device yet that you can leave on passively throughout the day (I wish there was). So far all that is available are cuff units which need to compress the arm or wrist (love that noise when my inflates).

The only thing I've heard about was this Implantable sensor simplifies blood pressure readings a few years ago so far nothing has hit the market. I was hoping Apples watch would have spired someone to offer something similar.

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@mayer - Just saw this! Omron Project Zero 2.0 it's a blood pressure watch!


@danj That looks like the ticket! Thanks for spotting that ;-)


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@mayer , Did a search, looks like there may be many available wearable BP monitors, some have a lot of different options. Probably do a search and then read the comments from reviewers, star rating and warranty before purchase. Good luck if you decide to purchase. Link below is just one of many offering the wearable BP devices, do a google search for wearable blood pressure monitor for more results.

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Hello mayer

If you want a Omron device:

But there are many similar products available; One more reliable than the other.



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