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Repair guides and support for gaming laptops by the gaming PC and accessory manufacturer Aorus.

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This is my first time posting on this forum so please forgive me for violating any community/posting etiquette.

So I want to upgrade the memory inside my Aorus x5 v6 from a dual channel 16GB RAM kit to a quad channel 32GB RAM kit. The only problem is that there are only two RAM slots that are easily accessible from the removable back panel. The other two are hidden away somewhere, most probably under the motherboard.

Could someone who possesses or has access to an Aorus x5 v6 please spend their time to create a guide for this purpose?


Could you please give the thickness of the aluminium body on top of and below the fan area of the laptop, or better yet, the dimensions of the whole empty chassis? I was thinking of maybe making cuts or cutting away a rectangular piece from on top of or below the laptop fans and other probable places to improve the laptop's thermals and acoustics. Once the laptop is out of warranty of course.


P.S. I would happily tear down my own device and make a guide for it if I could or asked an Aorus technician for a guide. I can't do that; however, since I live in a country where Aorus provides neither its services nor ship its product directly. If I do manage to botch the device up, I would not want to take it to a local repairman to get it fixed. Also, this is one heck of an expensive machine which I want to run for at least 5 years. Its sort of an investment at the beginning of my college by my father and neither I nor my father has the resources to get my laptop repaired from Aorus and pay for its shipping, which will cost upward of at-least half the cost of the laptop.

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Just curious as to why you need such a large amount of memory?


Experimenting with various RAM related mods and stuff like creating a VM and running it simultaneously on an external display or storing a program or application(most probably a game) on RAM. Also, since I am currently doing Aerospace engineering, I'm guessing I will need such an amount of ran for large scale projects and simulations. Never hurts to prepare in advance :-)


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The Aorus X5 v6 accepts up to 64GB of RAM. I have 48 in mine now. 32 on the botton, the default 16 under the keyboard. I'd love know how to get to the RAM under the keyboard so I can finish my upgrade. In my case this laptop is used for gaming and for work and I can run a replica of my network on my laptop for troubleshooting while (for example) waiting for my flight at the airport without having to rely on untrustworthy WiFi or unreliable WWAN to connect over VPN.

To get to the botton sticks you literally just need a T6 screw driver and remove each screw (there are 3 sizes) and then gently pry off the bottom.

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