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The March 2015 update of Apple's 11" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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No backlight -- looking for real source of problem

Hi. I have 2015 MBA 11" with no backlight due to water damage. Other than the backlight, it appears fully functional (including LCD).

After cleaning and inspecting the logic board (820-00164-A), I found broken backlight fuse (no continuity), apparently no short to ground on both sides of the fuse and screw holes (no beep), and LVDS connector with heavy burn on the backlight side (side towards the backlight fuse). So, I am planning to replace these components.

Is there anything else that I should worry about?

Thanks for your help!!

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Nope. Just replace the LCD connector if burnt, will need to replace the LCD cable too (usually the plastic melts around the gold pins, or the gold circles on the bottom of the LCD cable are dull, which can blow the connector). I have not seen a MacBook with burnt LCD connector, where I have been able to confidently plug the old cable in, this usually gets wrecked.

When replacing the cable, be careful when removing the silver screen bezel at the bottom, to make sure you don't cut the screen ribbons.

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Thanks. I pulled the connector without knowing that. Will see what happens. Is the fuse for this model 0603 3A 32V? Also, when soldering the LVDS connector, do I need to solder the terminals on the bottom (not talking about the many pins sticking to the side)? I don't even know if they are "terminals" though... Thanks for your help!


Yes that is the fuse. Are you talking about the 5 dots under the LCD connector? You don't need to solder these, just the pins and the sides of the connector


Yes those 5 dots across the bottom of the LCD connector. Thanks !


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