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FaceTime HD Camera Not Detected

I'm trying to diagnose a FaceTime HD camera that isn't detected under OS X system profiler after a screen replacement. I've tried resetting NVRAM, SMC, and disk repair to no avail.

However, the ambient light sensor works great, and it is my understanding that it's located on the same PCB as the camera. Are the camera and ambient light sensor connected via the same cable?

I've never really encountered a nonworking FaceTime camera especially on a brand new OEM display so I'm not sure if this is an obvious fix.

Thank you.

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If it was working before replacement, it will be the screen assembly. You can rarely get one with a non-working camera, especially if it is not an original Apple part (for example, bought off eBay) and they have used a non-original camera and flex. The first 2015 15" assembly I bought when they were available had this issue, so it is likely this.

If it was not working before replacement, it will be an issue related to the logic board. Measure pins 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11 and 12 of the front camera connector on the logic board (going from bottom to top) if it was not working before screen replacement, and let me know the values.

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It was definitely working before replacement. Is there any other option other than replacing the entire screen assembly? Everything works great except for the camera.


If it was working before replacement and now isn't, it would be an issue with the camera in the assembly (unless you damaged something on the logic board by connecting while the battery is plugged in, or turning it on with the camera cable not plugged in properly).

Return the assembly and buy a new one. If the one you bought didn't come in a grey and black anti static bag, with new rubber hinge screw covers, it is not original new. Most of the ones that do not come in this packaging have faults (minor marks on screen or lid, small imperfections with the screen, etc)


I see. The display has nothing wrong with it and looks completely new even though it didn't come in that packaging. I contacted Amazon about this issue and they offered me a partial refund, so the display would be ~$150. Is it worth keeping?


Yes, usually the display assemblies have one issue (in this case the display was fine, but the camera not). They are usually reject assemblies from the factory.

Up to you if you wanted to keep it, it depends if you use the camera or not.


Thanks for the insight. I guess I'll keep the screen since I only use FaceTime on my iPhone. I wonder how much it'll affect resale values in 2-3 years when I sell it.


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you might want to check the connections on the front panel assembly

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I triple checked the camera cable. I tested the camera from the old display, and it worked fine, so it's not the connector on the logic board.


I think it might be be the screen otherwise Im not sure


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