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The third iteration of the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab tablet.

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Backlight dead, touchscreen works fine

Hi, got a tab 3 with not working backlight. Touchscreen works fine though. Seeing display under a lamp is bit challenging but seems that the rest is working just fine. Touchscreen,wifi,sound,buttons light,all seems to be working fine. Tried restarting,factory defaults ,changing the screen brightness settings, battery saving, charging to 100% with no luck.

I tried desattaching and reattaching the 3 ribbon cables from mainboard too.

Is there some simple solution to checking out if the insides/LED backlights work before ordering complete new screen or checking the bugs on mainboard? Allegedly no water or falling damage sustained.

Thanks in advance for every help.

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I think you should just go ahead and order a new LCD. Even if you could find out what's wrong it's very unlikely you'd be able to fix it.

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You are probably right, i will have to replace the screen at some point. In the meantime I found some videos on youtube with same issue.their repair didn't work for my problem but gave some ideas.

For the moment I ordered a replacement display ribbon cable(is really cheap)

Thanks anyway.


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