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The third iteration of the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab tablet.

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No backlight,rest of the screen and tablet seems to be working well

Hi, got a tab 3 with not working backlight. Seeing the screen changes under a lamp is bit challenging but seems that the rest is working just fine. Touchscreen,wifi,sound,buttons light,all seems to be working fine. Tried restarting,factory defaults ,changing the screen brightness settings, charging to 100% with no luck.

Is there some simple solution to checking out if the wires/LED light work before ordering complete new screen or checking the bugs on mainboard? Allegedly no water or falling damage sustained.

Thanks in advance for every help.

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hi Shrubbery,

I do face the same problem than you did.

And i cannot succeed to find an inverter for yoga tab3 on the net.

Can you tell me if u could solve this matter and how you did it?



mandalaandco at the rate of yahoo. fr



no, unfortunately i haven't. when i tried googling the thing I found some "solution"but it involved microsoldering the motherboard. i tried to exchange the ribbon cables without success.


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Check the LCD cable connecting from the logic board to the screen. It should be a yellow cable that is on the right side of the back of the Samsung Galaxy Tab with the back cover popped off.

The LCD cable is connected in via ZIF slotted in connectors which have a clipping locking mechanism. If it has been opened or repaired before sometimes the cable or the connector on either side can get damaged from improperly being unplugged.

This may be a dumb question but did you check if the brightness is okay while plugged in charging?

Some Samsung Tablets are forced to run on lowest brightness when the battery is critically low.

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Allegedly it wasn't opened before/no falling or water damage.tried deattaching/reattaching cables from motherboard visible sign of damage(without magnifying glass though).when turned over, the yellow cable(most probably the screen one, middle is charging port,right doesn't go so far to display,can be deattached easily on both sides).

I tried to fiddle with the brightness,power saving mode and charging to 100%.

Thanks anyway.


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I had the same problem, after dropping it.

Taking the back off , unplugging the battery, and two LCD cables. Then replacing them and tapping them, it turned on.

Probably the mechanical shock, just dislodged one of the connectors, and re-seating them did the trick.


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