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Finding out device serial number

Hi, I have bought an iphone 6 logic board which had error 40. I removed the nand and tested it with ipboxv2 and it says Unrecognized Nand_Flash..

So I think that the nand is faulty as iv only seen this error before on bad nands. The problem I have now is I can replace the nand, as I have plenty spare and do it countless times on ipads, but I dont know the serial number, so if I write a new serial number to a new nand it wont activate ?. Is there anywhere on the logic board where the serial number is, or any way ipbox can retrieve it from any other ic etc, I know its written to the baseband, but cant think of anyway of retrieving it. I have asked the seller if he still has the original case with imei, so will see if he comes back with anything.

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This is a good one to get the brain thinking. To my knowledge the only place you'll find the serial number is in settings itself or if you can successfully connect it to iTunes and it reads properly. Imei is obviously on sim tray and in settings along with on back of phone.

Do you use this program for chip off data recovery or just nand repair? Leading to my next question wouldn't a new nand have a problem pairing with original apu? Sorry to ask a few questions instead of offering real help, you just sparked my curiosity. I'll also do some research on my own and let you know if I find anything that can help you here.

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I use the programmer for icloud removal, as far as im aware as long as the serial number is correct on the nand once you have programmed it, you then put it into dfu mode and this will then reinstall ios onto the nand. Iv never had a problem taking a nand off a iphone, wiping it and then installing it onto an ipad, always works just fine once it has been given a new serial number. I have managed to remove the bb eeprom ic today and dump the contents of it. It holds the imei, the problem is the imei is buried in the code, so im not sure how to extract it. I know its possible as I have seen it done on another programmer, but this one just displays the raw data on the ic, which isnt much use unless I can figure out how to decode it.


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