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The Dremel 4000 is a variable speed rotary device. It is compatible with with all Dremel rotary accessories.

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Stopped working, brushes look fine. What might be wrong?

I was cutting a ridge in a board, stopped inbetween to sand and check if it is wide enough to fit my board and the dremel just wouldn't turn back on. I opened it because I thought there might be dirt inside but not really. The brushes are still 1/2 inch+ so it can't be that and tested on different outlets.

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The unit not running after stopping is probably the speed control board.

The 400 is easily taken apart like you said so you may as well do this again and check for a broken circuit from the plug up to the switch and to the speed control board. Don't forget to also check the common neutral as well. When you are satisfied the wiring from the plug to the on switch and past thru to the speed then you have your answer.

Next log into the Dremel web page and fill in a request for repair.

In the US if it is under a year they will fix it for nothing and even older will have you send it to a repair depot and you will not get charged then they will pay the return shipping.

You did not say where you lived but they also have online chat and the person can give you a repair number. Rockwell/Dremel if asked will usually repair for nothing you just have to wait for them to do it.

In Canada go to the Canadian web page and it is almost the same. I have had this on my 300 and 400 and have been used good each time. Tell them the whole story including you taking it apart.

Lots of luck

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Might wanna check before you open it up because that could void warranty. Jmo.


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Hi its the thermal fuse on the brush holder hope that helps

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