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The Mac Pro First Generation is an Intel Xeon-based workstation computer manufactured by Apple Inc. The first generation model includes the machines from 2006 through 2008.

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Mac pro 2006 not working after changing ram


I have a mac pro 2006, and it worked fine untill i noticed that not al the ram was found.

So i turned it of, changed the ram by following a guide, when i pressed the power button i heard a short circuit electic noise.

From that point it didnt do anything. I have already tried removing everything, putting the ram back, using 1 stick of ram.

I am afraid the PSU(powersuply) will be dead. These are a bit expensive, i got the mac jesterday, so i hope i can bring it back to life without cost's.

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The main symptom of the first Gen MacPro power supply failing has been intermittent restarts. This gradually increases in frequency over time. Also the RAM is picky about how it likes to get installed. Apple put out a pretty comprehensive guide on this.

You said you got it yesterday. Where did you get it from?

Mac Pro First Generation Power Supply Unit Replacement

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I got it from a random guy that gave one away, buth it worked great, now it is dead for 5 months :'(


Here's the one I'm expecting in today that I got for my 2008:

Mine is On FedEx vehicle for delivery. I'll have it in by Monday if you want to wait to see my experience with this seller.

Let me look up the correct part # for yours.

It's Apple part #661-4001

PowerBook Medic lists the part I got is compatible with the 2006. That seller has 7 more:


Mine worked great.


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The RAM might be mixed speeds and or brands or the RAM might not be supported. Use a spec sheet or the app Mactracker to see supported RAM.

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I cant, the m1c pro is dead, dosnt start anymore, the ram is the orginal ram that came whith those gaint ass coolblocks :/


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