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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a cellular smartphone that was released in October 2014. The Galaxy Note 4 Model Number is SM-N910, SM-N910A, SM-N910T, SM-N910V, or SM-N910R4 for American variants.

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Galaxy Note 4 froze

Galaxy Note 4. It froze. I finally got it rebooted and initialed a factory reset and it froze again. I did a hard reboot and completed the factory reset but it froze again.

Update (12/16/2016)

Galaxy Note 4. I finally cleared cache and reset to factory settings. It allowed me to set phone up and when I was nearly finished it turned off and would not get past the screen with white writing describing phone. Then it would not turn off unless battery was removed. Please help.

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Ben, could the problem I am having with my Note 4 freezing and turning off possibly be related to the problem I am having with my Wi-Fi constantly disconnecting and reconnecting. It is not doing this when I have my data turned off and I am not having this problem with my laptop.


I'm not exactly sure what I did other than downloading a WiFi Manager, but it seems to have solved both my wifi disconnecting problem and my phone freezing problem, at least for now. And the phone is not lagging at all so far. Thanks so much for your help. Hopefully the problem is solved. I have certainly learned a lot from you, Ben.


Freezing problem of Android devices is a very solvable issue. Nothing to be scared. Unlock FRP, Unlock Network, Solve Freezing Issue, try here in free of cost


Freezing is a common problem for most of the users. What they don't understand is that this problem can be fixed easily by unlocking frp & network. Try here for free


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Is this the symptom you are getting:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can boot up successfully. After a minutes or two the phone freezes for a few seconds then shuts off and starts up again by itself.

Most likely the Samsung system software / firmware has gone corrupt and needs to be reflashed onto the phone. Here are the general samsung android flashing instructions below:

That is a software issue either one of these should work. If you don't want to lose data, flash downloaded samsung firmware from sammobile with the matching model number of your device located either in the battery compartment on a label or on the back of your device on a label or printed on the back of the device.

How to boot the phone in download mode:

When the phone is off you can do it by holding the volume down + home button + power button until you get the text popping up with the warning message. Then hit the volume up button to boot into that mode.

When searching for firmware on Sammobile:

You can use the CSC code specified in recovery mode to help you choose the right firmware for your device. The CSC code can be used to identify which firmware comes with the carrier (service provider) and/or region that came with your device. You can google this CSC code to find out which region this is but this isn't really necessary, choosing the one that matches the sim card installed or country you are in is good enough.

Use Odin with the device booted into download mode and plugged in. Instructions on how to use Odin and flash firmware onto device are on every download page of firmware from sammobile.

If you don't need to backup data then you can either use Samsung kies (software you can download from samsung) with firmware upgrade and initialization (It will ask for model number of device and serial number of device). If you need to turn the device off you can do so by taking out the battery for a few seconds and putting it back in or holding volume down + power for 8-15 seconds to force shut off. If it's already off, put it in download mode as explained previously before starting the firmware upgrade and initialization if you do decide to choose that.

Or you can use this other method which might not always fix it because the firmware / system software may be corrupted:

Then hold the power, volume up and home buttons until the white Samsung splash text pops up and immediately stop holding the power button and keep holding volume up and home.

Then it will boot into the recovery menu. And you can use the power button to select and vol up and down to select in the menu. Select wipe data factory reset and reboot device from recovery mode.

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Galaxy Note 4:

I replaced battery.

I cleared phone cache.

I reset to factory data.

Screen with "Galaxy Note 4, Powered by Samsung starts and loops more than 10 times.

Screen with "Samsung" finally starts and the word fades in and out.

The phone finally reboots to setup screen.

Phone connects to internet.

Phones allows information to be entered to a couple of pages and then freezes again.

I was just now able to reinstall all my information but after I replaced SIM card it froze again. I rebooted it to start screen but it froze again.


Reflash the firmware then if you haven't already.


Thanks, Ben. I went through the above mentioned steps again and my phone let me add all info, reinstall apps, etc. It worked okay for a couple of days and then it started freezing again. Then after a few more days it started not only freezing up but randomly turning off. I do want to try to reflash the firmware but I have not exactly figured out the instructions on how to do that yet. Thanks again, for your help.


Have you tried another battery yet? That may be caused by a bad battery.


I got a new battery right away. I finally figured out how to reflash the firmware using Samsung Kies 3, I think. I had to do it a second time. The first time it said my Note 4 was not recognized or something like that. The second time it went through the complete download and install and my phone worked fine for 24 hours or so. Both times it said I needed to unlock my phone. I did not understand that because I bought the phone as an "unlocked" phone from I'm going to try to reflash the firmware again. Any new suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks again.


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Often when you buy a unlocked (phone can be used on any mobile network) phone, it's only unlocked until the phone is reflashed again. In these cases take it back to your supplier and ask them to unlock it again or go to a shop that can unlock it for you.

A pain I know. ..

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