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A major redesign of the Apple Pro Keyboard, released in May 2003.

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Are there replacement screws?

I have striped a couple of the screws on this keyboard and was wondering if there are replacements for it?

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If you are wanting screws for an old keyboard, or anything else apple for that matter, we more than likely will have options around the office that we could help sort out for you.

Just go to our website and drop us an email through the contact page and we'll let you know what options we have available.

Those old pro keyboards are quite a common, so we often have them around and use them for testing when we get large batches of machines in.


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@chamitha ,Chamitha, Could not find info. on your key board screws. If only the head of the screw is stripped out, take the old screws with you to a local computer repair shop and have them match them up(make sure they are not too long), as they usually have lots of spares and would probably only charge minimal fee if anything. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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