Screen touches itself only on a certain area of screen

I have a habit of leaving my tablet ontop of my bedsheets after a late night binge watching on Netflix so one day this habit came back to bite me right in the ass ....and hard! One morning my new alarm clock went off like a bomb and brought me back to the land of the living followed by me violently flinging open my sheets so I could rush into the shower which subsequently ended with my tablet flinging towards the other end of my room at mach 9 speedwhich ultimately broke my tablet screen and my heart.

Later I got my half black half rainbow colored screen fixed by replacing the digitizer at some local shop and one month later realized that there was a seriously annoying problem with my tablet screen! My screen would scroll down the page I was reading sporatically and keep on touching the home page button,previous page button, and website input link thingy thing. I read the reccomended steps to take such as applying slight force to the screen,wipeing the screen, and running a blade around the edges......I went freaking chuck norris kung-fu grip on my tablet screen,wiped the screen with a rag, and used the edge of my kitchen knife to fix it and still no improvement!!

Although the applying pressure part seemed to have some sort of effect as it stopped touching itself for a lttle while

Anyways! I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro that his 12-something inches long and would REALLY love it if some kind sammeritan would grace this poor,ignorant, helpless fool with their vast knowledge....plz

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