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Pilot not holding Goes out after let go the button.

Hello... trouble with the water heater.

First the pilot wouldn't lite.. so i turned it off for 10min to clear the gas and tried

it again and the pilot worked. I hold the pilot button down until the status flashes but

the pilot goes out when i let go the button. I was told there is a reset button so i pushed what i thought was the reset but it doesn't push or click. Any thoughts?

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Tested the Thermopile and the mV reaches above 500 mV and continues to go up after about a minute of holding down the pilot button, but as soon as you let it go it drops back down to almost nothing.


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@cameraparts4you , Be extremelly careful working with your gas appliance, if unsure contact a Qualified Technician. Dirty TC( thermocouple), faulty TC, pilot flame to not set properly/small or not close enough to TC, partially plugged pilot tube, faulty/bad gas control valve, all could cause pilot not to stay lit. Check the attached links troubleshooting,instruction, Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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