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Gaming laptop released in 2014 with an Nvidia 860M graphics card and a 15.6" display. Updated in 2015 with 960M graphics.

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Laptop screen freezes and turns to green / pink colors

Hello I have y50-70 lenovo laptop

Today when I started the laptop the screen started white then it started to get colors like rainbow like the white color fading slowely and getting these rainbow colors

When I move the laptop lid to a certain degree the screen is normal but after a while it comes back again and I need to move it to get it working , I suspected a loose screen cable and I replaced it but the problem stills there , and when the screen goes like this It doesn't respond, I mean it's not just colored screen it's colored + unresponsive , I tried an external display and it works fine so I don't think it's the graphic driver .

Help please !

Would faulty lcd panel or inverter give symptoms like this ?

How screen looks like

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Haven't worked on your model, but I would say it is an issue with the LCD. With the MacBook Pro 13, a lot have the same issue. A lot of people think it is the LCD cable (since it sometimes works when moved at certain angles), sometimes it is the cable, but if it fades it is usually the LCD. You can test this by removing the LCD and flexing the attached PCB/ribbon. If it cuts in and out, you know it is the LCD.

EDIT: For clarification, see picture of the part attached to your LCD, which should be causing the problem (looks very similar to the MacBook A1278 LCDs with this problem). Under the tape, there is a board and a ribbon attached to the board, flexing the bottom area should present the issue. The whole LCD will need to be replaced if that's the case.

Block Image

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Thank you for your help but I didn't get this part "by removing the LCD and flexing the attached PCB/ribbon. If it cuts in and out, you know it is the LCD."

I'm sorry but can you explain this part more ?


Just added a picture of your LCD. When it is removed and plugged into the laptop (whilst on), flex the bottom area (red square in image), and it will cut out if it is an LCD issue.


When I move the part where the screen cable plugged in the inverter it starts doing this , but when I move the whole inverter nothing happens , so it's the lcd ?


If you have already replaced the cable, yes it will be the LCD. You can even peel away the black covering tape and push directly on the ribbons under the tape, and it should start cutting out. Again I haven't repaired this exact model before, but the screen is near identical to the MacBook one with the same issue, so try a new LCD.


Thank you for your help !


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Mazen before going to the expense of a screen buy a new cable . I have worked on this laptop and have found that the issue is usually the cable it pinches at the hinge . you wont see any physical damage but its there . If after replacing the cable you have no Joy then look at the display or at the board. be mindful of the speakers when you reinstall ,the connectors for the speakers are easily forgotten . The cables can be found on ebay or amazon . Hope this helps

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Jimfixer , thank you but I already replaced the cable and unfortunately it's still there , what do you mean by looking into the board ? , if you mean the graphics card,I tried an external display and it worked so I don't think it's the grapich card.

So after what I have done , it's likely the screen right ?


If it works fine with a external monitor then yes it will be the display . There is a remote chance that the connector at the board or card may have bad solder joints causing a poor or incomplete connection. Thats what I ment by check the board


I have just ried a replacement lcd with no effect! PUS this started after a windows 10 update that switched my screens brightness to zero, meaning a total black, useless screen. I had to re instal windows several times and found out to remove the driver to use generic gfx .... Then it updated itself again and now this pink screen with ghosting even at start up . I feel the gfx card/chipset has been reprogrammed wrong? ive also lost my touchscreen trying to self fix it.. really !#^&@@ off with both lenovo and windows who are useless to help fix any of it?


I don't think that the problems are related. the green and pink screen issue is a non-software hardware defect


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