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iPhone SE Showing no sign of life no matter what I do

My IPhone SE had 15% left and I didn't use it for about a week, i knew my phone would die but I have no idea what to do now. I tried charing it for an hour not disturbing it, nothing would happen, I tried holding the sleep and home button at the same time for 30 seconds, nothing would happen, i tried plugging it into a computer and a wall, nothing would happen. I tried to heat it up just by holding it under my arm pit, nothing would happen.My phone is only about a year old, and im stumped what to do now. I don't see anything no Apple logo no "dead battery" screen, its just a black screen, my phone had no problems prior to this.

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I think the Tristar IC U4500 is at fault… It is a common fault on all tristar variants, when a after market charge lead has been used ordinarily, (a voltage spike damages Tristar internally) Tristar will allow the battery to charge whilst it has a charge in it? (Tristar still recognises the battery) but if the battery is allowed to deplete completely a Tristar fault is that it will not recognise the battery as if it were non existent?? An easyish fix is to remove the battery & either charge it externally (If your able to?) or replace it with a charged battery & do not let it fall below 20%

Alternatively have Tristar replaced…Good luck I hope this helps somebody

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I had come across this issue in the past, so process of elimination.

Does the phone run hot?

Has the phone been dropped at all that may have jarred the components inside?

Because the phone runs warm may interfere with other components?

Possible digitizer needs replacement ( worst case scenario)

You will not get any response with a dead screan

Lastly- battery replacement.

I cannot imagine a software shut down.

Good luck

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Perhaps the battery cable is loose, but I believe that the battery may be the problem.

I have seen some batteries not come back from being dead for a while. A week seems like a pretty short time but this is a pretty new phone so it could be that letting one go completely dead for a short period of time is fatal for the battery.

Good luck!

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