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The fourth iteration of the popular 7" Galaxy Tab line of Samsung tablets.

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Cant move apps to sd card

Will not let me download apps. it says internal memory is full but I have a 32g SD card but am unable to move 90% of my apps . IS this a glitch

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This should help

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Didn't f*cking help at all. It just gives you the normal method of transferring to micro SD without even mention of the "Unable to move app" error pop-up.


Yeah. I agree with Ta9010581. That certainly was not a solve to the posters issue, which is also my issue. It's obviously a bug. Although its appreciated, I really wish those willing to help would compare the issue with what they're posting.


This answer did not address the problem we are having with this tablet


I had this same issue in Dec 2020 with a brand new tablet bought at Costco. Returned it the next day. Is this a "problem" or a "feature"?? Did they make this change so that we'd all buy higher priced tablets with higher internal capacity? Not gonna work--there are other options. I've loved my old, trusty Samsung phone, 8in T-350 tablet and 10in T-510 tablet (heck, I even bought a Samsung front loading washer!) but my next purchases to replace all Samsung products will NOT be a Samsung if they don't fix this simple issue.


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