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Repair and disassembly guides for water dispensers.

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The heater is not working well

The water does not reach to 94 C temp. Maximum temp is 26 and it show me the it heats the water but it's not going above 26 C

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No the water temp went up to 94 before, but this is happening recently, the water is not heated properly, max is 26


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If the maximum temp is 26, it's not supposed to go above that temperature.

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I think you set a maximum temperature of 26. If you are facing any issue then you should have to contact a mechanic. Nowadays most of the people purchase water heater without checking their reviews, features, and specifications and don't know about that properly.

According to me, anyone must have to check the specifications and features of the water heater before purchasing it. You can also read the best electric tankless water heater reviews given by its real users from that website who deals with water heaters. It helps you to be free from these kinds of issues.

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Pls check the switch.

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