Why are the on screen buttons not working on my iPhone.

Last week my my phone got a little damp while i was fishing. It never got submerged, just damp. When i pulled it out of my pocket to use, the screen has some moister on it. The phone turned on but the screen was moving all around, changing colors and had lines all over it. I went home and put it in a bag of rice assuming it would help pull any water out. 3 days later i pulled it out. The phone turned on and asked me to put in the passcode. I could see i was receiving texts and connected to the network. The screen looked okay but had two lines down the middle. None of the passcode buttons worked and i couldn't swipe left. How do i fix this?

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Open up the phone and clean the ribbon connectors / flex cables including connectors on logic board and components with 99% isophryl alcohol.

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Ben could be right. Simply giving the phone a good cleaning, could solve your problem. If not


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It appears that you need a new screen. They are expensive.

Also take the advice of the previous answer about cleaning with alcohol.

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Replacing the screen may not work, the touch sensors cannot be damaged by water.

If you put a water damaged phone in rice for 3 days, the board are very likely to be damaged by now. Clean the board, if you can't do it, ask a professional for help.

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