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The Toshiba Encore WT8-A is a touchscreen tablet running Windows 8.1.

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When I plug in earphones, why is there no sound?

Whenever I plus in earphones, no sound comes out. I try to play videos or music and hear nothing.

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First off, ensure that the headphones work by plugging them into another device. If the headphones do work, the audio jack may need to be cleared of any dust or particles that entered the opening. Try looking into the opening to see if there are any objects blocking the connection. If it is still unsuccessful, you may need to replace the audio jack using the replacement guide.

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Alternatively you can make sure bluetooth is disabled and not trying to 'stream' your sound to another device. I've come across this recently.

You could also try a reboot of your device to ensure the system is fresh.

Are you sure the volume is turned up?

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