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Lenovo's fourth generation Yoga laptop debuted in November 2015. The Yoga 700-11ISK is a hybrid tablet-laptop that features a 4-in-1 design, 8GB of ram, a 2.5 solid state drive, and an Intel® Core™ m7 Processor.

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Why is my computer overheating?

My computer seems to overheat when I'm using it normally. The back feels hot to the touch and all the fans are running at full speed.

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please provide more information about your computer so someone or myself can help. for example the model and type of your computer, laptop or desktop. pictures.


Had the same problem with my Lenovo Yoga 4, bought in 2015 from Best Buy. I didn't realize it was overheating and it destroyed the mother board, making my year old Lenovo completely worthless. What a waste of money. Trashed and unrepairable due to the enormous cost to replace the board. Will NEVER buy a Lenovo again. What a piece of junk.


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Your computer may be overheating due to a blockage in the ventilation. Make sure your computer is on a surface where none of the vents or fans are being blocked and that there is sufficient room for the laptop to ventilate properly.

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There are no fans or vent on this machine. Please dont write generic answers without even knowing what the machine has or doesnt have.


thank you frank


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This laptop is passive cooling, see the picture... this machine with passive cooling is relative hot, when have alu or another metal body.... but when you use this laptop long time and you thin the temperature is only in last time not normal, check by CTRL+ALT+DEL the power management, maybe you have some vir and make all time cpu 100%... you also can replace the original thermal paste... when is connecting cpu and heatsink gummy, replace with Cu platte....

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