190 degree water in all 3 dispensers and in bottle

My machine was a bit dirty so I unplugged it and emptied the machine. Intook.a clean cloth and wiped out the inside where the bottle goes. I took the plastic disk thing out that sits in the middle and cleaned that as well. I put everything back together filled it with water let it sit for about an hour and then plugged it back in.

I left for the day and came home and I could hear my water machine making a sound like it was boiling the water and then releasing steam through that little steam vent at the top the water machine. Well as it turned out, it was just about boiling. Hot, cold, and room were scalding hot and even the water bottle on top was very hot. I immediately unplugged the water machine and I waited till yesterday to try out again and did the exact same thing within 30 minutes I could heat machine spitting and steaming so I unplugged it again and so here I sit with no water. What do I need to do, and what did I mess up when I was cleaning and not realise?

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