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A point and shoot camera manufactured in 2014 by Sony.

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Why is my flash not working?

The flash is the illumination device on the camera that enhances photo quality.

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Some reasons why the flash might not be activated when taking a picture could be the following:

Having the flash in Auto will activate the flash only in poor light settings in order to produce higher quality images. In order to change this setting, press the flash button on the camera until the forced flash icon appears on the LCD screen. This way, the flash will operate regardless of how much light there is in the picture. On a Sony Camera, the flash will not operate depending on other camera settings such as: shooting mode, panoramic pictures, filming MPEG movies. Also, a built in flash will not operate if there is an external flash attached to the camera.

If the problem persists after turning the flash on and changing the settings of the camera, you might consider resetting to manufacturer settings. To do so, press the following commands: MENU → Settings → Main Settings → Initialize → OK. Resetting the camera should not erase saved images.

For more detailed references:

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Can you please help the flash will not pop up on the Sony dsc f717 I don't no much about cameras and I didn't get a manual as well got it second hand for my granddaughter for Christmas hope you can help thankyou tracy

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