Phone stuck in headphone mode

I recently dropped my phone in about an inch of water, now it only dropped in the headphone/lightning port portion of the phone nothing else. However now the phone is stuck in headphone mode...the loudspeaker works and the volume works when I have headphones in and the phone is charging fine. Also, the phone sometímes will get out of the headphone mode but after a minute or so will go back. Do I need to replace the lightning port? Or could there be another solution?

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I would recommend opening the phone up and replacing the lightning connector, at the very least. I'd also inspect the logic board and other components for signs of corrosion and be prepared to replace those as necessary.

iPhone 6s Plus Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack

iPhone 6s Plus Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack Imagem


iPhone 6s Plus Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack


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Had this on a couple of phones. Seems some kind of sensor inside the headphone jack still thinks headphones are inserted. Take a Ear Bud (QTIP) trim it down to fit the jack a bit, stick it in there, give it a few turns and repeat a few times . You should see some dirt come off on the bud. Once the sensor is clean the mode returns to iPhone mode.

A good way to see if the sensor is clean is to flick up the Control center, flick across to Control audio menu and at the bottom you will see it says "Headphones". Once the sensor is clean enough it automatically goes back to iPhone

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Had to do twice but worked like magic!!! Follow the steps about about the Control Centre and you will see headphones change. Thank you so very much!


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It happened me awhile back, all I did was take a pipe cleaner to the jack and put it in front of a fan for 30 mins and it worked

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