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2.6 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.2 GHz) with 3 MB shared L3 cache. Released February 13, 2013.

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App Store Problem download or update


Place see this video

This is my problem with App Store in Macbook retina 13” 2013, I can’t download or update any app after I install macOS Sierra

I install macOS by boot and I deleted SSD before install the macOS, and I can install apps that I downloaded from website but from App Store I can't download or update any app

I took with apple support too but no sulotion give to me

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Give me a couple of hours, I have the same machine on my bench with the same issue. I reinstalled the system and it would not fully boot. I have now reformatted the drive and attempting a clean install from and external drive. Will update you on my success. I am loading from a Sierra downloaded a week ago and not the current one (which I think may be the problem).


This worked. Reformatted the drive and did reinstall from external.

Customer appeared to have an incomplete installation. He was getting what looked like the start of a kernel panic. Disk Utilities found nothing. But disk was shown to be full and was actually only 1/4 full.A straight reinstall from an external source failed. I did drag and drop his documents, photos onto the external then restored them.

I just had to start all over with a fresh format and install and all is working now. Currently downloading purchased apps and iTunes update.

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I'm wait you, thanks


It all works now.


I do that it"s same, the problem still here


OK, lets try this: Setup a new user on your system and then login under that user and create a new Apple ID. Are you able to down load any free apps, music or TV shows?


The Sierra installer from Sept 19, 2016 works, the one from Oct 12 fails.

@danj Info says the working version is 12.0.49, the size is 4,779,779,882

I the current version as of 10/13/16 is. 12.0.49 but size is 4.779,779,861


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Can you free up some space on your drive? I have not had any problems downloading from the App store running Sierra. But then again I'm using a system with a large drive. Your retina system has a smallish SSD so you can run out of space!

Lets start off deleting as much stuff you don't need I would also make a back up if you haven't already.

Once you have freed up some space make sure you empty the trash can so the system can use the freed space. Ideally you want to have 1/3 of the space of a smaller SSD as free space and a larger 512 GB or larger 1/4 free. While that sounds like a lot of space SSD's unlike HD's tend to wear out the storage areas. So by giving them more space the wearing is more even.

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I update my question sorry do you see mu video on youtube????


Yes, I saw your video. The system has not enough space to store the download app installer. Have you freed up some space. You may also want to do a full shutdown and restart as well.


Start trashing in your User > downloads folder. Adobe updaters that you have run, any .exe files, any apps that Help? you Mac like Cleaners, MacKeep, Videos, duplicates. See about duplicates in your iTunes. Then go to about this mac under the Apple icon and see how much free hard drive space you have.


I have 200 GB free space from 249 GB, but the problem still her


OK, so we got lots of room now, and you still have problems, not good ;-{

Do you still have the OS installer on your system? And do you have a USB thumb drive which you can reformat into a bootable drive? Or, do you have access to a second Mac system which you can connect your system to using Target Mode?


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close the app store first

go to setting-itunes & appstore - Sign Out then sign in again then try again

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I try that and nothing happen


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