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Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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Partial/Broken Display after closing the casing! iPod Classic 120GB

I replaced the battery in my ipod, a check to make sure all was working properly BEFORE closing up the casing revealed all was indeed working correctly.

But after closing the case, the display is now messed up, with part of the image missing and the rest broken into lines with kind of splatter marks across the screen.

Is this just a screen replacement job, a connection problem, or worse?

Any help greatly appreciated!

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Thanks. Yes - it looks like I may have squished the LCD on closing the case then.


Nice, fine if you could mark my answer then. =)


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"Splatter marks"?

Sounds like a screen replacement. You probably cracked the LCD..

Google "cracked lcd" and see if your screen looks similar.

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Hi Rousp

Thought I would just add (for everyone's info) that I received a new screen this morning.

Fitted it, and it works perfectly once again. Your prompt answer saved me a lot of time, I think I've marked your answer correctly, let me know if not.


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hi Tony. You should click on "accept answer".


Hi Tony, glad to hear that. As bjoernen dk says you should click on "accept answer"


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