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after dock replacement phone is not charging nor is recognized by mac

Hello All, I had trouble with one of the microphone (no voice memo, no siri, people could not hear me during calls) so I decided to change the dock.

All went good, now Siri is working, I am able to make voice memo so i think i solved the problem of the mic, but with my great surprise the phone is not charging anymore... and it is not recognized by my mac. Any suggestion?

Hour and date are ok, I don't understand If i missed something.

Anyone can help?

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Try old charging dock (you only need to plug it in and not put it back in phone to test it, make sure to unplug battery first before doing so).

If old one charges fine and/or detects on iTunes then the replacement charging dock is detective.

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Hello Ben, sorry but i didn't get how to try the old one: "unplug battery" means that I have to unplug the connector of the battery inside the phone and leave the battery not connected to the phone itself? And when you say "you only need to plug it" you mean I can remove the new dock plug from the motherboard and put the old one and leave it in the air? thanks


The battery connector from the battery I meant, unplug that so that power isn't running through the logic board when you unplug or plug in ribbon cables / connectors.

Yep, I do mean unplugging the charging dock and plugging the new one in and leaving it dangling. I do it all the time when testing it to plug a charging cable in and see if it works properly (charging / detect on computer).


Ben, good news is that now the iphone has the same behaviour with both the docks... bad news is still not working.

basically with battery removed but docks plugged in, when i insert the usb in the mac the iphone starts showing the "apple logo" and then it turns off, then logo again, and then off continuously. this with both the docks: so I must have missed something. What about grounding issues? Things that i could have done wrong:

-screws not perfectly assembled on step 4 and step 8

-small piece of yellow tape not in the right position (was too old)

-small piece of conductive gasket removed from the old dock

thanks in advance


It's because you need to plug the battery back in after plugging in the dock (when testing), the phone will not boot without a battery plugged in.


Thank you. you were right. With old dock dangling the Iphone

a) is charging

b) is recognized by itunes

With new one installed, when connecting it to the Mac, the iphone just turn itself on, but doesn't charge and it is not recognized by itunes.

I will ask another dock...

thank you , it was really helpful


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