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Screen broke after replacement

I'm totally in shock. I replaced the screen last night and it was working perfectly, and then when I went to pick up the phone this morning the screen was split across the middle. I haven't carried the phone or done anything with it. Has anybody heard of this before?

I was actually struck by how easy the screen replacement process was compared to the laptops I used to fix for my job. It seemed like the replacement went smoothly and the screen was working perfectly while I played with the phone and tested it for an hour or so after the replacement. All I did was plug it in for the night and now when I came back to use it the brand new screen is toast. Aaargh!

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This can happen. If the frame holding the glass was dented or tightened to much during the repair.

I had this happen setting a 1 carat emerald cut diamond when I had a jewelry store. It was fine the day I wet it and the next day split in half ;-(

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I was thinking it must be due to some issue with the frame as well, but at least to my eyes the frame isn't noticeably dented or damaged and the screen fit so loosely that until I used glue it would just fall out when I tipped it. Since I used super glue rather than the rubbery adhesive that held in the original screen it may have lacked a shock absorbent layer, but considering that it never got exposed to any drops or even got carried around in a pocket it didn't seem like that would be the issue.

Thanks for the input!


Glass does expand and contract with temperature changes. The super glue might be the villain here.


I felt funny using it, but had been emboldened to try it since another commenter had mentioned using super glue. I'm thinking of using silicone caulk or rubber cement or something in the future. Any idea what the adhesive of choice is?


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