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High performance tablet computer released by Apple on November 11, 2015. Model A1584.

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Changed LCD/Dig and now no touch

I changed a damaged iPad Pro 12.9 digitizer/lcd - the touch on the damaged one still worked when i took it off. I solder the daughter board to 2 different new display assemblies and neither one have touch that works. The picture displays perfectly fine but i am unable to swipe.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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I have this problem also. Waiting on a replacement screen to see if it is the screen or not. When i first soldered the new screen and connected it, it worked. And then when i put everything back together, it stopped working.


I'm sure you both figured out that you had the battery connected when you reattached the screen - causing a short. You have to get it microsoldered to get it fixed.


I have he same issue, after my 3rd screen replacement. Finally got a good screen the 3rd time around and touch worked for about 2 weeks before it just stoped.


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Was there ever a solution to this? Just ran into the problem myself. Old screen worked when removed. New screen worked when first test. Got adhesive on and tested one list time before setting down and no touch. Screen image looks perfect, but no touch. About to resolder old screen to test, but figured I'd check here first.

Update: Found the problem. Touch filter had failed from not unplugging the battery before re-assembling. New filter fixed the issue. Hope that helps someone else out there.

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Where is the touch filter located? Thx


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