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Repair guides for cell phones branded under the Microsoft Lumia name sold from November 2014 to early 2016. Lumia phones were also sold under the Nokia brand before 2014.

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lumia 640xl showing Sad Emo

In file manager I found "main os" files.. so, deleted the "App Data" or something else. :-P

after that every thing gone to blank. at 1st the tiles, then Lock Screen. In panic, I restarted the phone. that's all..

now my Lumia 640xl only shows the startup windows logo, then it switch off automaticly.

what to do now..?

then I found some tricks to reboot, using lock key and volume keys combination ..

then the bearing screen appeared, after that a sad Emo.

it happening again and again..

what to do.?

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take a hard reset if not install the Windows Device Recovery Tool just try it hope it helps you

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