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Where is the extra space on my new 4TB Hard Drive

I purchased a new Samsung Momentus 4TB hard drive for my iMac (EMC 2638). The old 1TB drive functioned OK, I just needed more space. I hooked the new drive up with an external USB cable and formatted it. Next I took the new drive out of the iMac and then used a duplicator and made a sector by sector duplicate of the old drive to the new one. I then installed the new drive and reassembled unit.

On boot I used Cmd/Opt/P/R to reset the VRAM. Then I checked disk utility and it shows up exactly the same as the old drive.

How do I claim my new space?

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I ended up reinstalling the old 1TB HD, then as an external drive, reformatted the new 4TB HD and used Carbon Copy Cloner to copy everything back onto the new drive. For some reason I could never claim the unallocated space after using the external StarTech duplicator. the new drive continued to show up as a 1TB drive instead of 4TB. Anyway... SOLVED! Thanks!


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Click on the drive in disk util (not the partition) and hit partition. You should be able to resize it to 4tb.

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Thanks, but I couldn't make it work. When I tried to change the partition size (on the disk, not the partition) it only showed max sixe of 1TB not the 3.2 that should be available. Probably something I'm not doing right, but thanks. I am more of a PC guy.


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