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Second generation of CDMA iPad 2 with 16, 32, or 64 GB and Dual Core A5 Processor. Model Number A1397. Repair is detailed and requires heat and prying.

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Rainbow of garbled colors on screen after screen replacement?

Hey all - my daughter cracked the screen on her iPad2, so I gave screen replacement a try myself. Before I did, while the screen was cracked, the iPad other wise looked fine and the display was correct.

Seemed to all go well. I must admit I did touch the LCD with my hand a few times, and there were some tiny marks on it, perhaps form flakes of glass. I used the little rag that came with the repair kit to clean the LCD as best I could.

I buttoned everything back up (but didn't glue down the new glass yet. I fired it up - and the screen is 100% covered with garbled lines in a rainbow of colors. I couldn't reboot because you can't see anything on the screen. I held down both buttons, etc. But it just seems to restart and the issue is still there.

I've checked the connections 10 times. All is perfect.

Is there anything else I can try? Is there a cable or anything I might try to replace before buying a new LCD?

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Sounds like you cracked the LCD. They are very sensitive on iPads.

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There are no cracks on the LCD - one place I would say there is a tiny chip however. I don't know if that would affect anything or not. This chip is like the size of a pixel.


That small of a chip could actually break the LCD. Is there any odd black circles where the chip is?


There are no odd black circles - the LCD seems perfectly clean with the exception of that small chip. When I turn the iPad on, there is nothing garbled in particular around the spot of the chip. Instead, the entire screen, top to bottom, is garbled rainbow lines. This is why I thought perhaps the LCD is OK, and perhaps the ribbon cable is not attached properly, or is maybe damaged or dirty? I've checked it many times however - it is seated perfectly and I don't see any damage or dirt on the end.


Can you post a picture? This does sound really weird...


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Doesn't sound like a crack, sounds like a bad connection.

Check the connection on the LCD itself. There is black tape covering it. Take the tape off, clean out that connection, then put it back together. BE VERY CAREFUL AND DO THIS WITH THE POWER OFF. iPad 2s love to blow filters if you mess with the LCD while its on. Don't use any metal tools, you don't need any tools to get that connector off and on.

I know you have already checked the connection, but that's where the problem has to be. Clean out the connector on the mainboard and the connector on the LCD with alcohol. Blow it out really well. Something isn't making a solid connection and its making the Pink Floyd effects.

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