The BlackBerry Z10 is a touchscreen-based smartphone developed by BlackBerry, previously known as RIM.

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I have www-bberror-com-bb10-0015 on my screen (model STL100)

i cant locate phone on pc and cant do anything with phone because of error message please help im such a novice.

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Download this program, install it and hook your Blackberry to the computer and allow it to upload the OS back to the phone itself.


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This is the explanation

And this is the solution

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It keeps going around in loops. It does not resolve my issue. When I visit Link, I get a "Software Update encountered and error" - check your network connection . But guess what, I have full internet access. I do not have any limitation.


Both links work for me in safari.


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The error you mentioned above can often occur due to various reasons but one solution is to remove the current OS and by auto loading the OS again on the device.

Download the autoloader for your device from here

And follow the steps below:-

1-turn off your device

2-connect your device to pc

The downloaded autoloader must be present on your pc and installed or unzipped

3-now run the autoloader and turn on your device.

Once autoloader recognizes your device it will start loading OS on it again after its finished green LED will light up.

After its finished your phone will restart give it sometime and all done.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

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I HV a problem with my phone blackberry z3 it say


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This error comes when the mobile battery is taken out from the mobile without making mobile switch off

So its a normal error and to solve this error have to flash the mobile but it will loose all mobile data from the mobile and will be the like new one after flash

Here is software pb tool to solve this issue

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