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The first model of iPhone, Model A1203 with 4, 8, or 16 GB capacity and an aluminum back. Repair requires a significant amount of prying, and may require some soldering.

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ear speaker not working

can't hear anything from the ear speaker. what should i do?

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Hello, Had the same problem. I solved it myself it's pretty easy. The headphone port on top of the phone collected lint and fibers from my clothing like your jeans pocket. The lint got in between the contacts of the headphone terminals so it was open circuit so the sound was cut off. Just remove back cover unscrew headphone port clean inside with tooth pic using the pic to remove as much lint and fibers as possible the spray some electronic contact cleaner into hole flooding it so it pours out. Use plastic friendly cleaner as the plastic housing would melt, the can must say plastic safe. Hopes this helps. CHEERS /Randy from Trinidad

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hi randy, thanks a lot. i'll try it.


Thanx. Got the same problem and I'm gonna try your solution. great.


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