is_it_possible that connectors between the two parts could got loose?


it begun with a sporadic loose contact of the audio jack, not the jack it self but one of the channels (left/right (stereo)) has fallen out if i opened/closed the keyboard slide (not specific to a position but to the act of opening/closing the keyboard, so as i wanted to listen to music i often had to open/close the keyboard until h\i heard correctly and than dont forget to keep it closed while listening). Than after some time the keyboard backlight was flickering sometimes and after that completely not working anymore. Also the camera wasn't working anymore (i dont know if before or after or at the same time of one of that condition changes. And now in the final state the display isnt working anymore (showing just a colorful field of random pixels after switch on) so i cant use the phone anymore at al.

So my question is could that all be reasoned in a loose contact and if so how can i fix it or is the reason a broken component and i w0uld have to order replacement part to get it working again?


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