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locked of urde laptop that I bought. bont know password

I bought this Dell precision M6800

Used, it was on, the lady didn't tell me it requires a pass code. I got it at the flee market. Can't find her. I can't get pass the password

Don't have a recovery disk. Van someone he'll??

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If the password was set through the bios, (which is rare except in some commercial situations), then you have 2 options:

1.) Buy a new CMOS chip, then desolder the old one and solder the new.

2.) Buy a new M6800 motherboard and replace the old one.

If the password was set through the Operating System, which is usually the case, then you have alot more options:

1.) Use one of the many software programs out there that are designed to remove passwords from an OS, such as active@ password changer. Just install the program (such as active@) on a working, non-locked computer and create a bootable Flash Drive or CD/DVD using the standalone bootable UEFI option. You will boot to that flash drive’s UEFI on the locked computer and, once it’s loaded, do a “SAM” search to reveal all user accounts associated with the OS installated on the local disk. It’s pretty self explanatory from there. You can delete a password, change the password, or in some cases even block someone from creating a password for any/all users you choose.

2.) You can go the reformatting route, which is way more of a pain than changing/removing the password. Just google “how to clean install Linux/Windows 7/8/10/Mac OS” or whatever OS you wish to install.

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