Black screen after cleaning

I decided to clean the fan of my laptop because it turns off. I suspected it is over heating so I searched at youtube on how to open it. Here is the link:

I didn't cleaned fan very much because i need to at least remove even the motherboard and i don't have any thermal paste yet. I put it back together and checked everything to see if it is placed correctly. I turned the power on but the screen is black and the fan is turning and the lights at the bottom indicating it is plugged in. I opened it again and checked if all the connectors are connected but the screen is still black. I searched google and done the 30sec,1min,2min pushing the power button, checked the ram, and also external monitors but nothing happened.

Can someone help me to solve my problem? Thank you in advance!

Update: I have gone to a repair shop and they said that the problem can be in the GPU. I let them fix it and saw them heating it up with a heat gun. The repair man repeated it thrice but still nothing. He gave it back to me and said that the problem is now with the chip itself. But then again I didn't even touch it. Will my GPU be okay after what he did?

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