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Updated version of the original iPad 2, released in March of 2012 with a smaller die processor and updated internal construction. Repair will require the use of heat and careful prying.

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Is backlight out or is it the new lcd screen?

Hello, I put a new lcd screen on my wife's iPad 2 and it did good until I put a new digitizer on it. Now, I can barely see what is on the screen. What could be wrong now? Would it be the backlight that went out?

Update (08/07/2016)

I have also already did a restore using ITunes. I accidently damaged the power/volume ribbon cable in the repair so I can't do a hard reset. Could this be all that is needed, I hard reset? thanks a lot for any suggestions.

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There are a 3 things that I can think of that could be wrong:

1. The brightness is set to the darkest setting. No idea why iOS does this, but sometimes after a screen repair iOS will turn the brightness all the way down. The fix is as simple as going into settings and turning it back up.

2. The LCD isn't plugged in all the way. It happens.

3. A backlight filter is blown. This is extremely common with iPads since you can't disconnect the battery before taking the screen off. One misstep connecting the LCD or using metal tools to disconnect the digi and that filter can and will blow.

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Hey Josh, I will check on the brightness. I checked the resistance on the backlight ic chip (the one with JH on it) and it was over 400 ohms which is a lot higher than what yaya posted it should be on one of the other questions. I ordered one just in case it is the problem. I will let u know what happens, thanks a lot.


Also, I checked the one that I think has 427 on it and it read right.


Those filters suck. On every other device, you can disconnect the battery before doing anything to prevent those issues. On iPads, you can only do your best and hope you don't twitch when handling the LCD cable.

The filters aren't that hard to replace. Just take your time and don't get frustrated. I normally have to cuss them out for a good 15 minutes before they stop sticking to my tweezers and stay on the board.


Hey Josh, I checked rather the brightness had been turned down with a flashlight, but it wasn't. Just waiting on the component now. Will let you know how the repair goes. Thanks alot.


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